We do this across multiple touchpoints:

1. Strategy

ICT Strategy

Enterprise Architecture

Knowledge & Information Management

2. Bespoke Solutions

Software Development

Business Intelligence Systems

Systems Integration

Knowledge Management

Cloud Computing

Production Planning & Logistics

Financial Management Systems

Electronic Security Management & Surveillance

Data Cleansing

3. Solutions Consulting

Big Data Analytics and Insights

Business Intelligence

Business Process Re-engineering

Enterprise Content Management

Workflow Mapping

Process Analysis & Documentation

Knowledge Management

complete end-to-end solutions

You are engaged throughout the development cycle. 

We adopt the agile method to development: planning, iterating and testing rapidly, bringing together multidisciplinary skillsets and diverse knowledge networks. We bring together tech, business, strategy and design-thinking with real partnership with those we serve.

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Better business performance guaranteed.

We are experts in crafting and delivering smart, inspired software focused on an organisation's goals and their customers.


Key products in our portfolio include:



A system developed for Municipalities and aligned to the National Treasury Municipal Standard Chart of Accounts (MSCOA). It contains a budgeting module linked to the Integrated Development Plan and integrates with financial systems at a General Ledger Item level. This module electronically transmits all MSCOA data requirements to National Treasury and provides Business Intelligence information enabling the Municipality to measure its financial and non-financial performance against targets.



A web-based Schools Management System for schools with a 25-year history of excellence. The system equips schools with the necessary tools for optimal management, operations and decision-making. The combined school analytical data is also useful for management and strategy at a Circuit, District, Provincial and National level – providing actionable insights to achieve excellence in Education. We also offer a Timetable Calculator that solves planning issues through a few clicks of a button. 

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A system designed for inter-connected communities to communicate, collaborate and learn. It contains a built-in Business Intelligence and Analytical Reporting module that provides detailed and aggregated information about systems-usage at every level. It is a cloud-based application that is deployed in a “Platform as a Service” (PAAS) hosting environment.


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MicroVision was involved in our SAMS Project from the beginning and have always made very valuable contributions to the development of our system, in some instances positively influencing the direction that we took. Their participation was of a very high standard and they can be recommended as a company that will persevere and provide you with a solution that will meet your needs.
— M J Chiles | Director: Information & Technological Services Western Cape Education Department